Learning Face Painting, Balloon's, and More!

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Rancho San Diego Locals, for only $30 an hour you can receive a one-to-one private lesson


When? Any weekday ( 8am-8pm) text Taylor Ann to schedule a time.

Materials? Included during the lesson only, Taylor Ann will also provide a list of suggested retailers and materials for practicing after class.

Lessons? I offer 2 Types of classes for both face painting and balloons. First being for beginners wanting to learn balloon twisting, I can show you the basic twists so that with the patterns you can twist any balloon and even create your own designs. For beginners to face painting I will teach you’re the basics of paint applications, brush techniques, composition building, and how to easily add details in a timely manner.

Secondly we can go over specific designs, depending on detail and your current level you can learn from 2-5 in a 2 hr. lesson. Simply send me images of the designs you would like to learn and I can teach you! I can re-create any design so it doesn’t even have to be ones on my website!


The lessons typically work best at 1.5-2 hours long and we can meet at your home, a local Starbucks with outside seating, or park.

Here are my video lessons I have posted to Youtube for you to learn. All these are my own designs.

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